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geek. enginerd. husband. father of TWO! son of two for that matter. but this is not just about me. it's all about the family now isn't it?

this site is a bit of a hybrid. i've been hitting a bunch of cool photoblog sites lately, and have been inspired to do my own. mine is a bit different because i am leaning heavily on the family content in both text and pictures, but not completely - there's still the occasional building or tree shot in the mix.

I am posting every day right now because it’s fun and I can. I don’t doubt that there will be gaps, however. this probably won’t bother anyone because I don’t think many people are really hitting the site to begin with. i just listed speakelabs at, so i am semi-legit. check me out over there. i have some other photoblogs listed as favorites that you might want to have a look at.

another difference here is that most (if not all) of the photos posted in the blog section are already up on the site in the photography section. my system has been to put a whole bunch of photos up at one time and group them by roll. that system has worked fine for me for a while because there are only a few people who ever look at the stuff and they usually know when I get a roll back from processing. I am hoping that this blog’s links to those photos will up the hit count. I would also like to see some comments start coming in, so if you like something you see, tell me about it. you can either post comments on the individual pages to be seen by all, or you can email me at

I have traditionally done all of the coding for the site myself. while this is still mostly true, I have enlisted the help of the textpattern folks to run these blog pages now. I’ve been very impressed so far.