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one light

whenever i borrow trevor’s digital camera i get all flashy. it is so much easier to adjust and try again with the digi.

why am i teasing myself? i do this ever couple of months. i will think i need one for a while before i remember why i do the film. unfortunately, i am in the middle of one of those periods right now so i can’t answer you that question for a few days.

i tried to give trevor his camera back today but he wouldn’t have anything to do with me. he is so mean.

another problem is i learned that there are these cool things called presets in lightroom. i know it is common knowledge for everyone else in the lightroom world but you will have to give me a break. you don’t need presets when the film looks good right from the lab (i’m starting to remember why i like the film again). back to the problem part; i think with these free presets floating around the interweb i just might be able to get some digital images that look half way decent. dang it!

29 September 08


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