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fake light

last night we brought the boys home asleep. we carried them in and put them in their beds. i helped aidan up onto the top bunk, pulled the covers up and then came out into the living room.

cathi came out a few seconds later and told me to go whisper”i love you” to emmett. i went back in and leaned in close to his ear and did just as instructed. he was sound asleep i am sure, but i got a faint and breathy “love you too.” i think i am going to go try it again tonight as i go to bed.

for the record, emmett got a great hair cut yesterday. this was obviously pre-cut.

16 October 08


  1. ah, this is the good stuff of being parents!!!
    Love you guys,
    Krista    Oct 17, 1:10pm    #

  2. i kind of miss the mop.
    cathi    Oct 17, 3:22pm    #

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