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soccer party

sunday was aidan’s birthday. we had a great day of soccer partying and hangin’ with friends and family. he and i ran around as twinsies in our new Liverpool kits. i was to be associated with him.

the party was great too. after going to kenzie’s soccer party a month or two ago, aidan has been requesting one of his own. fine with me. i had the goals, balls and cones all setup like a giant AYSO practice. tons of kids. big game of small goals. even had some players that joined up from another party at the park.

tons of family in town for the day. some still here. some just for the event. thanks to all who made the drive to be here. aidan appreciated it, i know. and so did his parents.

7 years old? can it be? wow!

27 October 08


  1. Dude! That picture is awesome! Glad to hear the festivities went well. Hope to see you on Halloween for some trick or treating down our street.
    siric    Oct 27, 8:54pm    #

  2. I tumbled out of the car in our driveway around 9pm that night. I must have looked like a drunken sailor. Matt got the kids in bed, & I passed out. What a day. But so glad we did it! I love you guys. btw – I can see baby Aidan as clear as day when I sit and recall. What a darling little drooler he was.
    wendy    Oct 29, 11:46pm    #

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