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hours old 20d

today was halloween. it was pretty fun. we started out with complete family participation in the santa barbara children’s halloween parade. aidan and emmett were both firefighters (emmett didn’t last long in the costume). the parade route was lined with kids in their costumes. aidan was very interested in all of the weird, funny, scary and outrageous characters.

at one point in the parade, we had fallen behind our group of marchers, but had not yet been caught by the group behind us, when we passed by cathi’s play group friends all camped out in front of the coffee bean and tea leaf. we were the only people for 20 yards in either direction, and got huge applause and chears. aidan wasn’t sure what to make of that.

I don’t think he realized that we were the ones in the parade. we were just finishing the parade part and he asked if it would start soon. “we just were the parade, aidan. that’s why we were walking down the middle of the street.”


Emmett just bobbed along in the bjorn, dozing in and out of sleep.

this picture was again taken with the canonet and the vivitar flash in almost total dark. trevor is playing with his new toy – a 20d purchased just that afternoon. it had barely had time to charge up. for anyone still shooting film, those fancy new digital cameras have batteries that must be charged up all the time.

1 November 04


  1. What the hell is that asian fool doing? And the socks…..
    jacker    Nov 1, 7:02pm    #

  2. don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    geordie    Nov 1, 7:20pm    #

  3. love the movie, my sis and i must love the girley movies at times.
    love ya sister
    KC loves CS
    krista    Nov 1, 10:18pm    #

  4. cameras that need batteries? whatever.
    ian    Nov 9, 10:08am    #

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