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bird warning

i like christmas. of course kids like it. but i had a good chunk of years where i didn’t quite know how to enjoy christmas like i had. i wasn’t a kid anymore, but i still had the excitement in the build-up. however, the day didn’t have the same kind of pleasures as it once did. i would get a bit sad as the day came to a close. like i had not gotten out of christmas what i wanted. it was never bad, and never about the presents, just a little bit not quite what i thought it would be.

these days it is way better. i get to be excited about the coming christmas day in a whole new way with the kids. and if the last couple of years are any indication of the christmas day we have in store for us, then there will be no let down from expectations.

this year we have been watching some of the christmas tv specials – the old rudolf with the bumble and the dentist elf and a truly terrible christmas magic special from the 80’s hosted by a dude named franz sporting an awesome mullet. they made a 50 foot christmas tree disappear. not exactly the magic of christmas i would normally anticipate.

this year a new christmas classic was added to our family’s bag of tricks. Elf with will ferell. fantastic! and kid-appropriate too.

except for the nasty cold going around that has entered our family via cathi today, so far, things are going well this chistmas. a merry one to all of you.

13 December 08

under lights ++ christmas beanie ++ beach evening ++ hat ++ post game with coach hans