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not at all pleased

this dude was not happy with me when i took this picture. first he said he wanted me to delete the picture. when i told him i could not as the camera used film he told me to take the film out. when i said that i would not, he offered to buy the film. of course it was not for sale, so i mentioned that. he pointed out that he was a person and not an object and then walked over to a police officer to talk about it. they talked for a while, and then he came back and stood right back where he was without saying anything to me. apparently he didn’t get the response from johnny law he was expecting.

he probably would not even made it to the internet had he not provided such a good story. so he you are mister person-not-an-object that is standing in public and can have his picture taken by whom ever wants to.

9 January 09

under lights ++ christmas beanie ++ beach evening ++ hat ++ post game with coach hans