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iphone.tumblr.why not?

i have a new digital camera. i’m really enjoying it. it is with me almost all the time. it is the one built into my new christmas present iphone. the lens is really wide. and there isn’t all that much control. but with some free and/or cheap iphone apps, you can do some pretty cool stuff.

so check out some of the fun i’ve been having with the phone/camera. these pics i took over the last few days and edited right on the phone. of course i built them [badly] into one using The Gimp, but nothing with the colors or contrast. just the CameraBag app.

i started up a free tumblr blog that i can email my pictures to where ever i am. lately there have been a couple pics a day. you can see where i’ve been. check it out.

27 January 09

under lights ++ christmas beanie ++ beach evening ++ hat ++ post game with coach hans