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digital camera

cathi got a new digital camera for mother’s day. i’m not sure how it happened. we are a film family right? who did this to us? oh, yeah. that was me. but i can still say i don’t have a digital camera can’t i? ‘cause really it is hers.

anyway, here’s our first shot with it. i’m still figuring it out.

13 May 09


  1. thanks for “my” camera. i already love it. Can we go out shooting now? The kids are dying to go.
    cathi    May 14, 8:41am    #

  2. We got a digital camera a few months ago. I’m still in denial as to who bought it and why. It has sat on a shelf and has taken maybe 3 or 4 pictures. It freaks me out. Good luck.
    h west    May 14, 9:47am    #

  3. Way to go Geordie:

    I love digital, no worries about running out of film, processing, film, printing costs nor chemicals, paper. Just keep shooting, you know what you have got instantly, no waiting>
    Steve    May 19, 5:28am    #

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