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back from the dark

we had some hosting problems for a bit there. Atlantic.net made some mistakes that sent us offline for a few day. but to their credit, they handled it very well when alerted to the issue. i can’t fault them at all. very responsive and helpful. i was pleasantly surprised.

in the mean time, this was the fire evac plan around here. the mundell kids were smack in the middle of hoping their house didn’t burn down so they came over here to help us cope. very good of them, don’t you think? it must have worked, because a day or two after this picture was taken the speake family booked out of town and spent mother’s day weekend in agoura hills at dad and anita’s winter cabin. swimming and exploring and breathing clean air was just what was needed.

oh, and the mundells are back safe in their place. fire out. glad that’s over.

4 June 09

under lights ++ christmas beanie ++ beach evening ++ hat ++ post game with coach hans