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some random facts/highlights/goings-on:

  • 4th of July with Ostroms in town
  • reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury with the Santa Barbara Reads folks.
  • twitter
  • flickr looking different at ihardlyknowher.com
  • new [to me] leica camera
  • scored a goal today in my 30+ soccer match today
  • enjoying the tour again
  • emmett is 5
  • aidan is learning to play the guitar
  • cathi gets more email than i. and she can do more push-ups in one go than i have ever done in my whole life combined.
  • i am learning Ruby On Rails [ever so slowly]
  • going camping next week with a bunch of cool people

leaving the comments on for a bit. gonna see if we get hit with the spam real bad again.

8 July 09

under lights ++ christmas beanie ++ beach evening ++ hat ++ post game with coach hans