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the other kid stuff

was at the lawlers’ house a couple of weeks ago. was walking around snooping the place and saw a bunch of stuff. lots was very similar to stuff we have around here as they have a few young kids close in age to ours. kid books. backyard gear. the basics. there was something very different, however. we don’t have many tiaras laying around. our analog would probably be a light saber or tech deck. needless to say, the lawlers spawn girls while we specialize in boy kids.

another thing i spied while at their house was a set of speakers on a living room bookshelf not connected to a music source that i recognized. i asked greg about it from the kitchen. he took out his iphone and used it to dial up the volume and then change the track playing. the long and the short of it is i now own my very own airport express.

31 August 09


  1. I could use a tiara.
    cathi    Sep 1, 2:22am    #

  2. amazing, yet another reason why the iphone is the next cell phone…do they make one of these gadgets for blackberry??
    Krista    Sep 4, 2:20pm    #

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