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oh, man. soccer has started. day one in the bag. lots more to go. we have a pretty regular schedule of emmett’s Tigers in the morning followed by a short lunch break and then aidan’s Destroyers in the afternoon. i was so excited friday night i could barely sleep. lineups and substitution schedules dominated my dreams.

game day one’s results were not what i might have hoped for in either final score, but the day can be called a success for both boys’ teams. emmett scored his first goal in his first game. and aidan’s first stint between the pipes, while not goal free, saw him making some big time saves that kept the score in the single digits.

i’m looking forward to lots more fun in the weeks ahead.

oh. and we learned that a full sized gatorade is not the best for a five year old’s digestive system no matter how thirsty they are.

15 September 09


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