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wine tasting

cathi and i took a one night mini vacation in the middle of our big family vacation this summer. we went to a hotel/spa right in the middle of beautiful lodi wine country. we had a great time.

the hotel has their own tasting room. which is nice ‘cause that makes it free if you are staying there!

wine tasting is weird for me. “oh yes. this is a nice one. i think it tastes yummy.” i can swirl my glass around real nice, too. and the smelling? i like that. it smells good. but i’m not dumping the rest out. i just said it tasted yummy didn’t i? would make sense that i want to finish the wine you just poured me then wouldn’t it?

cathi and i tasted. we had fun. we then bought some wine. weird thing about complementary wine tasting is you always end up buying too much. might go along with the not pouring out the last bits every time.

23 September 09

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