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boys' weekend day 2

we made it. cathi came home sunday at around 2 in the afternoon. saturday saw a few semi-successful bottle feedings, but picked up to great food-coma-inducing formula-sick-downs when emmett got too hungry and/or realized that was all he was gonna get.

leading up to the weekend, i wasn’t sure if i was going to have the guts to take the boys out in the world solo. as yesterday’s post mentioned i got the courage up to take them to our saturday morning coffee at the mall. later that day we drove all the way out to ucsb to watch josh feldhaus play soccer. i’m claiming both outings as victories. on the way back from soccer, we even stopped at the movie store (it really is amazing how aidan will shape up for the movie store gum balls).

emmett went to sleep soon after getting home and slept untill about 10:30. at which time i fed him and he went back to sleep untill 3:00. another bottle and a bit more static and he was ready to sleep to 5. more volume on the static saw us all the way to 6:30.

aidan, on the other hand, had some issues between midnight and 2, so all was not perfect, but he slept in to 7 the next morning.

sunday was full of fun around the house (i proved to myself that i could take them somewhere, so i didn’t feel the need to go anywhere). kim feld took aidan for a run, and them nathan played over here for a bit before lunch. a little restling, lunch and a nap latter and cathi was home.

a victory for dad and the boys!

canon/50mm/Tmax400/hc-110/my boot/aidan’s feet

16 November 04


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