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back from the long thanksgiving weekend in kingsburg. aside from the drive there and back, all went well. and really, the drives could have been much worse. emmett could have screamed the entire time instead of the hour there and 2 hours back. and i guess it would have been worse if aidan was not able to sleep through all of it.

once we were there and settled, it was a great weekend. cathi and i took aidan to his first movie in the theatre (which he calls the movie museum). the polar express was a huge hit. he was telling everyone about it the next day.

this picture was taken at julie and ryan’s on friday morning. a bunch of cathi’s highschool friends all converged (with spouses and kids where applicable) on the huckabay residence. it was much fun. i was nice and polite for a while and then peter (pictured here) steve sakadales and i talked cameras for an hour or two. while peter is my analog inspiration, both he and steve were sporting the new 20Ds. i left the elan in the bag and worked the pentax. can you say, “christmas tree bokeh?”

30 November 04


  1. Hey Geordie,

    Nice work. Thanks for not making me look as goofy as I really am. I enjoyed hanging on Friday. It’s good to hear Polar Express went over well. Was Aiden cheering for the good guys?

    Is this a photoblogs.org template? I dig it.

    The palm rocks.

    Peter Thomsen    Nov 30, 4:02am    #

  2. Don’t listen to him Geordie … Peter’s image will carry this site. Nice work.
    DANE SANDERS    Nov 30, 12:13pm    #

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