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the hooks other catcher

anyone who knows the speakes knows we have been well into the baseball season over here. both aidan and emmett’s seasons are drawing to a close. 1 or 2 games more and it is in the bag.

it has been a great run for sure. i have really enjoyed it, as have the boys. cathi struggled early on but has come around and is on board all the way.

emmett’s t-ball team the scrappers have been fantastic. no score is kept, but we all know what’s up. see some pictures from one of the games i brought my camera to here.

aidan’s team as had a great year as well. they are the 2010, Goleta Valley South Little League, Mini-Minor champions! they played well all season long, loosing in league play to only two teams. that put them squarely in third place, playing the second place team in the playoff semi-finals last friday. this team beat aidan’s Hooks the previous monday as well as the first time the two teams faced off earlier in the season. the semi-final was another story altogether. at the end of the day, the hooks were on their way to the final after a 19-7 victory. i think they left the empty can of whop-up in the dugout after the game.

the very next day, aidan and his teammates suited up for the final against the first place team in the league. counting the 1 playoff semi-final victory, the sand gnats were 15 and 0. only a few games were even close.

however, they were not ready for the new brand of baseball the hooks were now bringing. we went up first with only two runs. they battled back with a single run before we put up another. a few innings later they tied it at 3-3 going into the sixth and last inning.

since our record was not as good during the regular season, we batted first as the visitors. we put up a big 5 run inning before they retired us for the game. then it was nervous time. we just had to hold them through the bottom of the sixth. they could have a few runs. just not 5.

with one run scored, and a man on third, we got the third out of the inning and went into the record books as league champs!

it was absolutely fantastic! the players were ecstatic to be sure. but the parents? we’re still talking about it.

about this photo and the title. aidan and david traded innings behind the plate. many teams don’t put much stock in a catcher at this level. there is no stealing and there is rarely a play at home. our coach didn’t play that game. aidan and david actually caught the pitches and threw them back to the pitcher. they were both factors in games from behind the plate, contributing outs where other teams’ catchers would have just stood there clueless. this picture is of david. the hooks other catcher.

28 May 10


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