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goleta beach

i like photography. i like cool pictures. i like looking at cool pictures. i want to make cool pictures. every time i press the shutter release, that shot is going to be fantastic. i’m often let down when i actually see the neg. “but that isn’t as cool as fredrik’s, or ian and ross’s, or justin’s stuff,” i say to myself. “but it was cool when i took it. and i really wanted it to turn out nice.” oh well. it sure is fun. i guess i need to practice to get better. i.e. shoot. try new stuff. try the old stuff again, differently.

ps. i think its a bit odd that i can talk about fredrik, ian, ross and justin as if we were tight. i feel like i know them because i read all their blogs and dig all their pics on a daily basis, but i have never even heard their voices. i have emailed them with questions and comments and have gotten great responses. which in itself is another cool thing about the photoblogging community – you get to meet people from around the world (and talk with them when you should be sleeping or working).

pentax k-1000/28mm/kodak gold 100

7 January 05


  1. i check out your work almost daily, geordie. you’re doing great, man. i love keeping up with you.
    ian    Jan 7, 12:41pm    #

  2. thanks ian. i guess i’m just a little fragile and insecure.
    geordie    Jan 7, 1:39pm    #

  3. that picture is SICK….
    jacker    Jan 7, 4:02pm    #

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