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this is my little man. he just had to have his coffee before he could get going after a christmas nap at gramma’s.

this was taken on the other side of the kitchen island from this one. it is the nexus of my mom’s home. much time is spent here.

shot with the pentax k-1000 and its 50mm lens on fuji neopan 1600. it was then juiced in hc-110(b). damn that film is hot. i’ve done this one roll rated at 1600 and another previously at 800. both impressed greatly.

12 January 05


  1. very nice, geordie.
    ian    Jan 12, 11:41am    #

  2. there’s a nice soft quality about this. the sleepiness. the messy hair… nice grain. nice soft light.
    emily    Feb 10, 9:22pm    #

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