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kids got stare

he knows i’m taking the picture. with the 28mm lens used here, i’m only a foot from him. i’ve said it before, but i’m so glad he doesn’t do the lame smile so many kids do when faced with a camera. i guess he’s used to it by now.

i got a call from cathi this afternoon at about 3 o’clock and was at the doctor’s office 20 minutes later. aidan woke up from his nap with a sore and swollen ankle. he had been at MyGym just before his nap, but had not complained of any problems there or afterward. i thought he had twisted the ankle doing some game or trick there. the doctor had us take him for x-rays (i couldn’t help thinking that with two boys, i’m going to see that waiting room a few times before we’re done), but nothing to see there. that should be good news, but the doctor is wanting us to be on the lookout for other problems that could be associated with his hives. a bit worisome.

but heck, this is the second of two for tonight, so check it out. the previous one is at the same spot after he tired of posing for this shot.

12 January 05


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