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treatise on flush

i hate splashy toilets. industrial-strength toilets that are so powerful that the flushing action sprays water up out of the bowl. the plane formed by the bowl rim should only be broken in one direction. nothing should be shooting out of the toilet. only bad things can happen when this occurs. in the case of the sitter performing a courtesy flush, a wet butt is rarely welcome. and a pleasant sight it is not when the stander notices that spray has been ejected from the bowl with a non-normal trajectory and is pulled back by the gravitational force of the planet. the angle of launch is invariably sufficient to enable the spray to land on the seat of the toilet. even if no repeat sitting is to be performed, the user knows that this is not the first time said toilet has performed as such. as I stated at the outset, i hate splashy toilets.

24 January 05


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