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some fence

so i take pictures of fences too often. they mostly don’t turn out that nice. you might even think this one didn’t either. so what. i like it.

i think i had just gotten my new 35mm lens the night before. i threw a yellow filter on for this shot on hp5+. a week or two later i developed it in rodinal to see what might happen with that combo. some people recommend, and others say they don’t mix.

3 February 05


  1. i threw my raw images in rodinal too. some people say they don’t mix, but my hp2.4+ didn’t seem to mind. you are such a geek. nice fence. i like the perspective against the cumulus clouds.
    trevor    Feb 3, 3:43am    #

  2. flying the geek flag as high and as proud as possible!
    geordie    Feb 3, 1:28pm    #

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