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i need serious help scanning chromes. with a lightbox and a loop, or even just peering through the thing into the light, the shot looks great. scan it with the minolta dimage IV and its all dark and crappy looking. i can get it back in PS, but by that time it’s all washed out and yucky. anyone have some tips?

22 February 05


  1. Forget the problems scanning chromes; we’ve a bigger problem…why are these kids selling worms?!?
    luke brothers    Feb 23, 2:23am    #

  2. you do need help scanning these, but this is an awesome picture nonetheless.
    ian    Feb 23, 1:34pm    #

  3. awesome picture but worms?
    miles    Feb 23, 3:32pm    #

  4. the bigger problem is that i bought at least three.
    geordie    Feb 23, 7:14pm    #

  5. The lighting is great. The depth of field keeps enough detail to give information about the setting; neighborhood kids selling something. One would expect lemondae though not worms.
    Farhad    Mar 7, 1:50pm    #

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