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we started early

i think we were all up and going by 6 am today. that’s after cathi went into aidan’s room at 5 to get him back into bed. i took over with emmett who really wanted his mom and breakfast. we swithed about quarter to 4:45. i made aidan stay in his room until 6, at which time we went out to the living room to play with toys. that quickly turned into a request for TV. i was in no mood for the stupid “boobaas” show, so i made him wait for Sagwa at 6:30.

because of the early start time, i was more than a bit worried today would be hard. my worries were mostly for not. we had fun at the mall where aidan, emmett and i walked, played and shopped while cathi got a pedicure. i did get some chocolate from my scone in emmett’s hair, but he was a good sport about it (i.e. he never woke up). we also got to see the young’s new place. it is looking great! the people who lived there before them wouldn’t even recognize it.

the afternoon was a nap and erands for all and some yardwork for me. all and all, another good saturday.

let’s see if i can get a little more sleep now.

oh, the picture is from movie club a couple of weeks ago. shot using the elan and the 50 on ilford hp5+.

31 July 04

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