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on my chest

cathi gets the credit for this shot. i directed her, but she pulled the trigger. it was taken on our bed in the afternoon with the window shade pulled. the equipment was the canon elan with the 50mm and ilford hp5+. more similar can be seen here.

i’d like to see if anyone is watching. please leave a comment by clicking on the “tell me about it” link under the picture.

2 August 04

tell me about it

  1. You are the best. I love watching Emmett sleep on your chest. Good memories of the same stuff with Aidan…gives me the warm fuzzies. Maybe you can make a career of being a photographic director. I’ll pull the trigger for ya any time! :)
    Cathi    Aug 2, 1:56am    #

  2. Good work Speakes. Emmett and Aidan are the best. Well of course, right after Maddie. However, I would like to see you test your photog abilities by shooting some ugly kids.
    Jacker    Aug 2, 3:16pm    #

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