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today is my birthday! 4/21/71. that was me. here i am at 34.

other exciting news… i got a few ribbons at the santa barbara county fair for some photographs i entered.

21 April 05


  1. happy birthday g! glad to see you cleaned house at the fair.
    trevor    Apr 21, 2:55am    #

  2. Happy Birthday Geordie! Hope your day is great!

    I’d love to see those prize winning photos sometime!
    Kimberly    Apr 21, 8:56pm    #

  3. Happy birthday. Did you get any German cameras?

    Congrats on the ribbons.

    This is a very nice shot. Love the color.
    bruce    Apr 22, 12:28am    #

  4. Happy bithday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday g-money
    Happy birthday to you.
    luke brothers    Apr 22, 2:26am    #

  5. thanks everyone. great day. went to work, but didn’t really do that much. no different than most days, i just didn’t have the normal guilt.

    bruce – no german glass or cameras this day. a goodly amount of cash was received – it all went straight into an envelope with a big reg L on it.
    geordie    Apr 22, 2:47am    #

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