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all lined up

i think i just might have a case of the mondays (and it is only sunday night).

i added some functionality to the my links page – flickr and del.icio.us stuff. check it out. i don’t doubt that it won’t really get used, but i had fun getting it working so i’m already ahead.

2 May 05


  1. uh, something’s wrong. no picture.
    trevor    May 2, 2:58am    #

  2. something’s wrong with who? you maybe.
    geordie    May 2, 1:14pm    #

  3. I recognize those shoes!
    Once again, a great photo!
    (Do you have any more from the party?)
    laura and karis    May 2, 2:58pm    #

  4. yo, need the kido’s in the photo’s. missing A and e, can you get on that one for Auntie K.

    love the pics, just miss the boys :-)

    Krista    May 3, 6:55pm    #

  5. Graceful photography for photofriday. Greetings from Spain.
    Juanra    Oct 10, 2:22pm    #

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