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anyone see it?

trevor: i think i should take my last mulligan now.

on another, totally unrelated, subject: cathi read aidan a book the other day that is the story of henry [david thoreau] and how he walked the 30 miles to fitchburg because he claimed it was faster than working to earn the money to ride the train. it is a nice little story about the things he encounters on the way, and the things his friend does to earn the money to take the train to meet him there.

at the end of the book cathi asked aidan if he would have walked or taken the train. he said he would probably have liked to walk. cathi agreed with him that the walk would have been nice. there was then a short pause, followed by, “i think daddy would have taken the train.” “why,” cathi asked. “because that’s a really long way.”

i think my son has me pegged.

10 May 05


  1. i believe that was the drive that i absolutely killed.
    trev    May 10, 12:52pm    #

  2. i’ve got two little letters for you: OB.
    geordie    May 10, 1:08pm    #

  3. Wow, did that little antique camera take this picture? If so, that is awesome. Maybe it was “absolutely killed OB…” I know I killed a couple of small, unassuming animals living 70 right of the fairway…
    Kenny    May 10, 1:46pm    #

  4. What a smart, insightful little guy you have there! Cute, cute, cute.

    Mom    May 10, 9:23pm    #

  5. shouldn’t you be looking down at your feet . . . i think that is the one you whiffed . . . ...
    PY    May 10, 10:27pm    #

  6. sheesh. i check back to see if there is anything new posted and this is the respect i get? by the way. i did kill that one.
    trevor    May 11, 3:05am    #

  7. of course you did.
    geordie    May 11, 3:10am    #

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