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my kid

i’m posting pictures of my kids because they are the best things i got. for a while i thought that i should be a good picture takerer and take pictures just like all the really good photographers i dig on the internet. but that’s dumb. i have kids. they are the cutest in the entire world. i take lots of pictures of them. i’m gonna post them. the only people who ever tell me i’m taking nice pictures are those that also dig my kids, so i might as well increase my chances of getting props from the few that look here by displaying the goods.

this one if from my mom’s house a few weekends ago when we were down there for my grampa’s birthday.

i let the rolls of black and white film pile up over the last few weeks. i developed 4 rolls a few nights ago and have been scanning like mad. the last few nights i have posted from a different roll of film each night. this is again true for tonight’s.

i increased the backlog tonight by developing two more rolls of tri-x. one from nate and kristen’s wedding, and the other from the first roll out of my new leica camera. i’m pretty excited about actually having this new camera that i get all wierded out saying things like “my new leica.” the first roll actually had images on the negs. i wasn’t sure about it – who knew how well the 60 year old camera would work, or how well i would be able to guess at the exposure. looking at the negs, it looks like i have some serious room to learn, but i can see images on each and every frame. i wasn’t sure i’d even get that.

10 June 05


  1. You should take photos of whatever is in front of you that you find interesting or beautiful. So, it makes perfect sense to me that you take pictures of your boys. No one can photograph a child better than their parent. Keep snappin’.


    Bruce    Jun 10, 1:04pm    #

  2. This shot makes me mist up. That’s our boy, captured in a moment of mischief, maybe. Can’t believe he’s almost one.
    Cathi    Jun 10, 1:36pm    #

  3. bruce – leica iiic + elmar 50/3.5
    geordie    Jun 10, 4:04pm    #

  4. Geordie,
    I say keep the pics of your adorable boys coming. They’re dang cute and you are capturing some great moments. Thanks!!
    Jade    Jun 10, 11:18pm    #

  5. Being a dad is cool. Leicas are cool. Tri-x is cool.
    Gustav    Jun 30, 6:48pm    #

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