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fiesta saturday

busy, busy day. this being fiesta weekend, we had a little company downtown this morning. the usual calm and quiet of a saturday morning was nowhere to be found. the fiesta children’s parade started at 10, so stroller after stroller passed by on their way to a good spot to watch the action. we were joined by trevor, heather and maddie and sat right on the curb to watch the fun. lots of dancers. lots of confetti eggs. lots of sun.

after the parade, we came home and played in the sprinkler out front and had some lunch on the steps. when aidan went down for a nap, I gave Emmett his first bottle. he went for it no problem, so we are hopeful.

the last big outing of the day was a picnic dinner at Westmont. we told aidan that it was the school where mommy and daddy went. I was a little surprise how excited he was to see it. we found out why, when he kept asking for the playground part of the school. I guess he couldn’t imagine any reputable school not having a playground. he does have a point.

i just registered with photoblogs.org. i wonder if that will lead to anything. it would be nice. let me know what you think.

8 August 04

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