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nice long weekend. lots of partying. lots of fun. we called emmett the birthday boy all weekend. i think he really enjoyed it.

anyone else have a good weekend?

5 July 05


  1. a great weekend. emmett’s birthday was fun. your story about the bucket of ice water…disturbing.
    luke brothers    Jul 5, 1:18pm    #

  2. i can neither confirm nor deny any knowledge of an ice water story.
    geordie    Jul 5, 2:04pm    #

  3. i want to hear about the bucket of ice. and i also had a nice weekend. emmett’s bd rocked. i love a good cupcake.
    trevor    Jul 6, 2:00am    #

  4. Did I miss the ice bucket event at the party? Do I want to know?
    Cathi    Jul 6, 1:29pm    #

  5. seriously folks. there ain’t nothing to tell on the subject of ice, water or a buket. at least nothing that i care to get into in mixed company. aidanproject.com is family show you know.

    i will scold luke personally for getting everyone all excited. or maybe i should thank him since this is the most highly commented photo in recent history.
    geordie    Jul 6, 1:40pm    #

  6. its a cool photo by the way.

    scold me!? i’ve gotta sell the movie rights to the story before geordie has me locked up. just a teaser: jacko wasnt involved. high bidders can contact my agent.
    luke brothers    Jul 6, 1:49pm    #

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