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big supporter

aunt krista is a huge supporter of this site. she is one of the best and most frequent commenters, and is consistently checking in. she keeps me in check too – if i go too long without pictures of the kids, she lets me know. “what do i want to see pictures of fences and buildings near your office for? i want pictures of the boys. and make sure there are lots of emmett.” i figure since the last few days have been both of my boys, she’ll forgive me this one.

10 July 05


  1. That’s my little sister! Best birthday present I ever got.
    Cathi    Jul 10, 11:44am    #

  2. hey, what about that cool skirt i gave you a few years ago? i thought you liked that best.
    geordie    Jul 10, 1:33pm    #

  3. What a cutie, and such a pistol.
    karen Brothers    Jul 12, 12:23pm    #

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