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after lessons

i’ve mentioned the lessons before. this was taken after one last week. i went to all of them last week, but missed the one today. hitting the lessons meant i took too long a lunch last week, but i found i missed it today. it is way too fun watching my whole family swimming. maybe i’ll try and hit at least one more this week before they are all done.

12 July 05


  1. Heh Geordie, I love the creative photos of tires and doors and steps, but I keep waiting for some birthday party photos…we couldn’t make it to the party and I am counting on you to make it a visual treat on your web site. Holding my breath in Napa,
    Karen Brothers    Jul 12, 12:32pm    #

  2. the little fish…
    yeah..where are the bday photo’s digital or hard copy!
    sister    Jul 12, 2:39pm    #

  3. future olympian. if not swimming, then body building? maybe future govenor.
    trev    Jul 13, 3:51am    #

  4. Awesome swimmer boy!
    Aunt Wendy
    wendy    Jul 13, 11:08pm    #

  5. I love this photo!
    laura    Jul 18, 6:58pm    #

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