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my cathi

i took this picture on my birthday back in april. cathi and aidan took me out to dinner to fresco. it was a fun family date that capped a great birthday. i took the morning off and spent it with aidan at the fair grounds. they were preparing for the county fair that would open that night, but we just walked in and watched all the people setting up. we had a grand time. i did go into work in the afternoon to make a showing, and then came home so they could take me out to dinner. fun, fun.

i got a roll of film back today, and am scanning it right now. when i get the new stuff posted will depend on the family’s sleeping patterns for the next couple of days. keep checking in.

by the way, i got my first real comment on the website the other day after listing with photoblogs.org. i was so excited. keep on commenting.

11 August 04

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