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other swinger

same time as this swinger.

8 August 05


  1. what cool parents that you are okay with your kids being swingers.
    luke brothers    Aug 8, 5:46pm    #

  2. I saw this glee in person! What a cute “e”

    Aunt K
    sister    Aug 8, 5:51pm    #

  3. now luke. would that really be that cool?
    geordie    Aug 8, 8:09pm    #

  4. geord, i am amazed how spectacular your photos are getting. I only wish I could do a direct order straight to shutterfly from here. I want this one and a matching one of Emmett’s swingin’ big bro!
    Aunt Wendy
    wendy    Aug 18, 7:28pm    #

  5. Adorable boy!
    Beautiful photo!

    Love the focus … I need to learn my camera and stop relying on the Auto setting so I can try to get photos like this. I used to know all about aperature and depth of field.
    laura    Aug 22, 12:20pm    #

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