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new front door

we’ve had the front door painted. if you were a fan of the green door, then sorry. red is the new deal. we like it so tough. and while the screen is off, emmett likes his view of the porch.

steve markakis loaned me his rolleiflex (in action by tad). aside from yesterday’s holga shot, the square stuff see lately here and over at speakelabs have been from that. it has been really fun to shoot. i took it to kingsburg last weekend and used it almost exclusively. i’m much slower with it, and missed more that a few shots because of it, but no harm. i’ll surely need to have one some day.

10 October 05


  1. i miss the green door.
    trevor    Oct 10, 3:04am    #

  2. I like the red door…especially with Emmett’s face in it!
    Kimberly    Oct 10, 4:18am    #

  3. love it.
    tad Wagner    Oct 10, 11:47am    #

  4. wonderful george!
    greg    Oct 10, 6:09pm    #

  5. This one goes in the file for our future greeting card line. Maybe inside it’ll say “Can’t wait to see you” or “Where have you been? I miss you.” Good stuff.
    cathi    Oct 11, 7:14pm    #

  6. One of the best pics that show’s e waiting for friends and family to arrive for his play time. Can’t wait to kiss hug and hold the boys in my life!
    krista    Oct 12, 3:08pm    #

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