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westside sky

i got a really cool package in the mail today. it was a photoblog of sorts. a brothers studio production for photomonday, it was pictures taken by karen and steve brothers (parents of luke) pasted on 8.5×11 paper in very nice blog fashion. i think they are making fun of me. but that’s ok, a little counseling and i’ll be fine. especially since they are some of my biggest fans.

karen and steve, this picture is for you. i loved the paper blog. the feet shot killed.

12 October 05


  1. Karen was so fired up about putting those photos together for you, it made her trip. Glad you can take a joke, we had fun.

    Steve    Oct 12, 11:27am    #

  2. Hi Geordie, We do enjoy your photos and web site and am glad you know our photo blog was all in good fun. I think the whole thing started at our first town of Ashland, when Steve and I were walking thru a gorgeous park downtown: tall trees, winding river, sprinking of flowers. We walked by a metal bike rack at the edge of the park and I made the comment to Steve that “Geordie would turn that into a photo.” And thus the project started! Some of the relatives we visited got into the spirit of helpfulness and even suggested photo ideas at their place.
    Keep up the great work, Karen
    karen Brothers    Oct 12, 12:56pm    #

  3. i gotta see this. anytime someone is able to make fun of geordie is pure enjoyment. especially since that is usually what he does to me.
    trev    Oct 12, 1:33pm    #

  4. i have the famous BrothersProject paperphotoblog on display at our place. all who want to see it should come by the hizouse.
    geordie    Oct 12, 1:38pm    #

  5. I’m always a sucker for a sky shot. This one is lovely. I love the scale and the crop.
    Bruce    Oct 15, 11:52pm    #

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