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happy halloween

look at all those kids. that’s the play group. happy halloween to you all.

30 October 05


  1. cool shot. cute litte pumpkins.
    greg    Oct 31, 9:55pm    #

  2. All right Geordie … you have such a knack at capturing the moment! Ever think of changing careers???? You’re a natural!
    This is a great shot of the gang. I love looking at all the different expressions on their faces. I want a copy … and of course I’d take anything else that’s worth passing on ... of course that would probably be everything you took that afternoon! I think you need to make it to more of our playdates.
    laura    Nov 8, 10:47pm    #

  3. My favorite is Trevor. I can’t decide if he looks bored or if he’s about to start belting out an operetta.
    Then there’s Emmett. He might as well say, “okay, just focus in on me. I’m the cute one here.”
    laura    Nov 8, 10:53pm    #

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