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hhmmm… no kids today.

28 November 05


  1. really cool. this is one that i will add to my list of favs at aidanproject.com. don’t know why. it just feels like i’m right there.
    trevor    Nov 28, 11:45pm    #

  2. I agree with Trevor, it’s a favorite. I’ll use your dad’s word, “stunning.”

    Is the comment of no kids about the photo or your day at work? :)

    aidan    Nov 29, 9:25am    #

  3. just a comment about no kids in the picture. it is true that there are no kids here at work right now, but i just walked by a conference room where some high level manager types were arguing like little kids. does that count?
    geordie    Nov 29, 9:36am    #

  4. I call this one “love triangle.”
    wendy    Jan 14, 2:14pm    #

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