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me and my boys

we don’t have a full length mirror at our house. that makes playing in front of the one at my mom’s all the more fun.

6 December 05


  1. sweet. nice camera too.
    trevor    Dec 6, 11:36am    #

  2. omg, that is perfect!
    greg    Dec 6, 1:01pm    #

  3. Your boys are so tolerant of a father with a camera semi-permanently attached to his face. I bet when they get to school and have to draw a picture of their family, you will have a camera in front of your face almost like a pair of glasses. But, heh, they sure look happy to me. Love this photo a lot, three cute guys.
    karen Brothers    Dec 6, 1:59pm    #

  4. hey there! nice to have a face to go with all those nice photos:)
    fredrik    Dec 7, 3:25am    #

  5. aw. i love that.
    ian    Dec 22, 9:16am    #

  6. love this shot! I have missed out on great photo’s it’s jan 6 and i’m back at speaklabs!
    Cathi and i spoke re a photo bussiness idea. I’m your first fan if you’re looking for them! You’ve got the eye G!
    The KC Fan
    krista    Jan 6, 3:43pm    #

  7. Need one of these in a frame, in my house! So when people stand in awe of all the georgeous pics around my house, I can show the artist’s self portrait and say, “Yep, that’s my brother, he’s the photographer.”
    sister wendy    Jan 7, 1:04am    #

  8. Hey Geordie,
    A little birdie told me that it was your birthday today. Happy Birthday!!! I must tell you, I think you are one of the most talented people I know. Your pictures are absolutely spectacular. This picture is one of my two favorites. My other favorite is the one with Emmett in the door called “New Front Door”. Well, gotta go now. Have to go and look at my bad pictures and know that they are no where near the quality of yours. Love ya, mean it.


    P.S. Kim sends her birthday wishes too. Later.
    Raul    Apr 22, 2:08am    #

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