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back in sb

yes, we are back in santa barbara after a christmas stop in long beach. we stayed at my sister’s for a few nights to great success. crowded, but not too bad at all. aidan and emmett slept really well (which means cathi and i did too). there were many pictures taken – i’m sure more than a few will be shared here.

of course that is aidan in the foreground, but you may not recognize uncle matt holding cousin brody on the couch in the background.

30 December 05


  1. Welcome back.

    No I don’t think I would have recognised Matt in this photo.

    Chirs and Laura gave us viedo cam set ups. Way fun. Almost working
    Steve    Dec 30, 3:13pm    #

  2. Good Grief Geordie, You have been gone so long…I have been going thru Aidan/Emmett withdrawls here in Napa. I’m glad to hear you had a good visit with your sister and family. We had a house full with Mom, Laura and her new diamond ring, Luke and his coyote dog Charlie, and our dog fearing cat Sophie Ingrid. So to sum it up we had lots of fur on the sofas, plenty of chocolate candy, stacks of wedding magazines, and rotating cooks and clean up crew in the kitchen. Can’t wait to start blogging on our cool new brothersville web site, thanks to son-in-law-to-be Chris.
    karen Brothers    Dec 30, 3:37pm    #

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