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lb aquarium

we hit the long beach aquarium while down there last week. we got a year family membership so we’ll be back. there’s a fishy picture over at speakelabs but since the kids were not in it, it didn’t fit here.

apparently ian at fiftymillimter hit up the atlanta one.

2 January 06


  1. good times tonight. you are good friends to the youngs.
    trev    Jan 3, 12:02am    #

  2. Excellent.
    Bruce    Jan 3, 2:04pm    #

  3. I love this photo. Gets the feeling of the day so much more than the typical snapshot. I’m lucky to have a photojournalist husband!
    cathi    Jan 4, 8:24am    #

  4. we got a family membership to compliment yours. And Grandpa and Helen want to join us all for an outing there when we can make it happen.

    Did you know that 98% of the ocean is in utter darkness? Wouldn’t make for great photos, but this shot is fabulous.
    sister wendy    Jan 6, 8:08pm    #

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