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found an old roll in the pile of undeveloped film from back in october and aidan’s birthday. this is josh feldhaus pushing aidan around our backyard at the party.

4 January 06


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    greg    Jan 4, 3:52am    #

  2. I love the glee on Aidan’s face.
    Have you checked out Steve’s flood photos on our new web site: Brothersville.com? We are high and dry in Napa, but lots of damage downtown with piles of wet carpet on the sidewalk and men with shovels tending all the mud. We drove down auto row and there weren’t any cars…then later we tried to park at the grocery store and saw hundreds of new cars all parked on the higher ground. Our back yard looks more like a lake than a river. But don’t worry about us, our house is up high enough.
    karen Brothers    Jan 4, 2:32pm    #

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