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new friend

emmett digs his new snoopy from the get go.

should be easy to find my entry for new at photothursday (probably need to wait until sometime thursday morning before the images show up). i dare you.

i ordered a lightmeter from b&h today! so excited.

more of the fuji 800 neg film pushed a stop. bought some more to try again.

4 January 06


  1. I had to open up your website today just to see this cute photo of Emmett again.
    I remember when Laura was about that age and we went with Mom to visit Ostrom’s Pharmacy, walking up and down the aisles. We got to the parking lot in back and noticed that Laura had a huge blue Smurf under her arm.
    Sunshine is welcome here after too much rain. Steve and I finally got around to reading a few days old Napa newspapers and were shocked to see the aerial photos of flooding in town. We were so busy watching the rising tide in our own back yard we missed the whole event. The only thing that gets wet here is the kitchen floor under our cat’s water bowl, and that is just because she insists on putting her paw in the bowl and stirring up the water into a whirlpool before she drinks.
    Love to you all,
    Karen    Jan 7, 8:50pm    #

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