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aidan's favorite

ask him where he wants to go for a special dinner out and we get RUBY’S every time. i think this time was actually breakfast, but the idea is the same.

11 January 06


  1. Thanks for dinner tonight. The Speakes are the best.
    luke    Jan 12, 9:52pm    #

  2. we love ruby’s too. except we throw up when we go there. we still go back though.
    trevor    Jan 12, 10:42pm    #

  3. dang, this is an awesome photo!
    greg    Jan 13, 5:57am    #

  4. Nice light.
    Nice street sign.
    Nice photo.

    Make a copy, frame it, and give it to the restaurant. Even if it’s hung in the loo… people need to see your work. Get your stuff out there, Geord.
    Sister Wendy    Jan 13, 11:59am    #

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