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i know, just call me ansel. for those who have never been to yosemite, this is it. driving into the valley, you go through a long, wet tunnel and come out and see this. there is a popular (for obvious reasons) turn-out vista point where everyone is takes pictures. there was even a dude with a 4X5 view camera setting up under a dark cape. not to be out done, i walked right up to him, gave him the wink and snapped the holga. it was kind of a fraternity-brother-type thing; he understood me because we both shoot larger format film. he’s not quite as cool as me though, cause he took about 30 minutes setting up. i focused (select the mountains icon) as i walked up to the rail, and didn’t have to worry about the exposure (it was sunny so flick the switch so it points at the sun picture). all told, i’d say about 3.5 seconds framing and another .75 with focus and exposure and that was about it. what do you think? was my $17.95 well spent? let’s hear it for the plastic!

23 August 04


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