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it has only just begun

with the stakeboard obsession in full swing, i can only assume that the pictures of emmett with one will not slow down for some time. i hope you enjoy.

15 January 06


  1. Good grief, diapers and skate board, was’ up Speakes?
    karen Brothers    Jan 16, 8:18am    #

  2. sweet. although this looks like it has grip tape on the face written all over it.
    trev    Jan 16, 10:21am    #

  3. he escaped this time without the grip tape face, but it has happened many a time previously. however, i think he is learning ‘cause it isn’t happening as often these days.
    geordie    Jan 16, 10:36am    #

  4. Looks like he’s got the shoes to go with the board.

    We don’t do much skateboardin’ around these parts (too much ice), but I have to say that I would have my kid in a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads. On the other hand, I seem to remember going over the handle bars of my bike many a time when I was a tyke, and I guess I made it with no problems (other than the obvious brain injuries).
    Bruce    Jan 23, 8:58pm    #

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