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at play a long time ago

i finally developed this roll of film. it was in and out of the camera a half dozen times over the last 8 or 9 months. could be even longer for all i know. there were some gems though. i especially like this one of a really little e and cathi playing.

18 January 06


  1. just adorable
    karen Brothers    Jan 18, 1:15pm    #

  2. thank you for capturing this moment. I think my heart might burst.
    cathi    Jan 18, 1:48pm    #

  3. super cute!
    kids grow too fast!
    greg    Jan 19, 4:00am    #

  4. I absolutely love the sheer joy on each of their faces. Great job!
    Kimberly    Jan 19, 4:09am    #

  5. o my heart!
    wendy    Jan 24, 5:37pm    #

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