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super reflector

he’s in the shade, holding a piece of white foam core “reflector.”

23 January 06


  1. nice shot!
    greg    Jan 23, 3:14pm    #

  2. smooth. so is this r&d of the GB prototype v. 1.0?
    peter thomsen    Jan 23, 9:43pm    #

  3. Three words…

    Child Labor Laws

    Are you paying him?
    Kimberly    Jan 24, 7:04pm    #

  4. I keep coming back to this photo…really cute shot….all boy.
    karen Brothers    Jan 27, 1:23pm    #

  5. anyone know super conductor by RUSH? that’s how i imagine saying this title: Super Reflector
    geordie    Jan 27, 2:42pm    #

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