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scooters on scooters

i hit the post today. i don’t score very often, and even though i didn’t score again today, it was fun hitting the post. and i’m not too proud to say so. helps that we won soundly so that it doesn’t matter that i didn’t score on my one chance.

30 January 06


  1. hit the post? that must have been some run. why didn’t you tell me about it? jacker.
    trevor    Jan 30, 4:03am    #

  2. i’m telling you now.

    wasn’t a big giggsish run. we passed the ball around inside the 18 for a while. genesis chested a ball down to me. it bounced once, and then i hit from about the edge of the 6. clanged off the outside of the left goal post.

    all i could think about was, “don’t really jack this up. at least make contact with the ball. don’t end up on you butt.” the fact that it went at the goal was fantastic.
    geordie    Jan 30, 12:21pm    #

  3. I’m a blogger geek’s wife. I had to read your first sentence a couple times, reading “post” as in “post” something on a website. When I kept reading, I realized which post you meant.

    Good shot. As in today’s photo. Your shot in the game was a good one too.

    I think emmett is done napping and is now throwing shoes or flopping around in the pack-n-play, making noise.
    cathi    Jan 30, 7:40pm    #

  4. nice shot. i gotta get some of those snazzy jammies.
    peter thomsen    Jan 30, 7:52pm    #

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